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Tree Lined Park

Sponsor a Tree in Honor or Memory of Someone

When you sponsor a tree in honor of someone, that tree is planted by volunteers in areas of Long Beach that need it most.   You can sponsor a tree for many occasions, including:

Appearance of Commemorative Card

Part 1: 

A tree will be planted in Long Beach









Part 2 Options:


  1. in honor/memory of:______________________________________  or

  2. to celebrate the birth of:________________________

  3. to celebrate the (enter number)  anniversary of _______________ and ________________

  4. to celebrate the (enter number) birthday of ________________________


Part 3 Options


  1. Your (his/her) tree will make a big impact on the world by cooling the air, making oxygen, reducing carbon, providing shade and creating beauty for years and years to come.


  1. This tree is part of a campaign to plant trees in Long Beach to improve our urban environment, purify the air we breathe, and heal the earth.


Part 4

This gift is from (enter name of person who bought the gift).

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