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1,000 Trees 

Reduce CO2, increase oxygen and cool the air 

Join us to renew and refresh the earth as we come to the end of a long period of sequestration.  While our energies have been focused elsewhere, the greatest challenge of our lifetime -- climate change -- hasn't received our full attention.


The students of Millikan High Environmental Club and the youth of Carroll Park are spearheading this tree planting campaign so that everyone we know is able to make a personal contribution towards improving our environment.   


Why trees?  Through getting one tree planted, you can personally reduce greenhouse gases, increase oxygen in the air, cool down the streets, filter stormwater before it enters the ocean, and provide shelter and food for wildlife. What a gift to the earth…and it can come from you!  



Four Ways to Show Your Love for Trees


1. Get a Tree Planted in Honor or Memory of a friend or family member.  We'll send a card

ON Arbor Day. 


A Fruit Tree for

 Your Yard 


$35 donation

Donate Towards the 1,000 Trees Campaign

You can donate any amount on our 1,000 Trees Long Beach site.  Your donation will go towards trees planted in Long Beach by community volunteers. If you donate $25 and above, you can sponsor a tree in honor or memory of a friend, family member or pet.  If you donate $35 or above, you can select a fruit tree for your own yard.   


Sponsor a Tree in Honor of Someone


$25 donation

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