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Peach Tree varieties

We have several peach tree varieties in 5 gallon containers


Mid Pride

Best yellow freestone for warm winter climates of Southern California. Exceptional flavor and dessert quality.

--sold out--


May Pride

Very early peach for warm winter climates. Ripens in May, about with Desert Gold. Delicious, sweet and tangy, semi-freestone when fully ripe. Very large for such an early peach. Large, showy pink blossoms.


August Pride

Large, all-purpose yellow freestone for mild-winter climates. Sweet, aromatic, rich flavor, one of the very best. Ripens 3-4 weeks after Mid-Pride. Chilling requirement less than 300 hours.


Red Baron

Flowering/fruiting. Large, juicy, firm, richly flavored yellow freestone fruit. Highly rated in taste tests. Showy double red blossoms. Long-time favorite in Southern California and Texas.


Peach Cobbler

All our trees produce fruit that makes great cobbler.  Get recipe here: 


Peach Blossoms

All our peach trees have pink blossoms except the Red Baron trees, which have reddish-pink flowers.

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