Helping Hands

About Us

The 1,000 Tree Challenge was the brainchild of two teenagers in Long Beach.  It was adopted by the Millikan High School Environmental Club and Carroll Park Climate Challenge. It is designed to pass from youth group to youth group, each of which takes responsibility for the trees that they sell and plant.

Millikan High School Environmental Club

The Millikan High School Environmental Club is a student-led club at Millikan High School in Long Beach.

Co-Presidents:  Ryan Pocinich and Alyssa Montoya

Carroll Park Climate Challenge

The Carroll Park Climate Challenge is a grassroots neighborhood effort – started by teenage residents of the Long Beach Carroll Park neighborhood - to minimize our neighborhood carbon footprint, learn new ways to reduce our personal impact on the environment, and engage in larger environmental and social justice issues.

Co-Founders:  Liam Williams and Isaac Sweeney

Co-Leader/Social Media Manager:   Jack Summers